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  • It’s just around the corner… April 15th. To some, that day is more dreaded than Halloween or Friday the 13th combined. If you’re like thousands of people, you realize that..

    Tax Time!
  • That’s a phrase you hear from local people all the time. And it’s usually in response to a comment about the sun, surf, or sand. Just the other day, I..

    Lucky We Live Hawaii
  • So as everyone probably knows by now, today is April 1st, aka April fools day. And even though we like to keep things professional here, there are a few days..

    Fool Me Twice…
  • Some foods are just meant to go gourmet. Gourmet hamburgers? I l LOVE Eat Cafe’s surf n’ turf and Kua Aina’s pineapple burger. Gourmet plate lunches? I LOVE Poke Stop..

    POPS are amazing

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