This past weekend was busy. Exponentially busy. I mean, we’re usually busy in the holiday season but this was quite a lot. And most of the events seemed to happen on one day… Saturday. Now, normally Saturday’s ARE one of the busiest days of the week, but to have SO much weight on one day seemed a bit odd… and it didn’t strike me until yesterday as to why. It was 12/13/14.

    For some reason, people are infatuated with repetitive or sequential dates. 07/07/07 (July 7th, 2007) was one of the craziest busiest wedding days I’ve ever experienced. Just EVERYONE wanted to get married on apparently the luckest day of the century. 08/08/08 was the Chinese brides’ turn. 12/12/12 was the final repetitive date. And now, 12/13/14 was the final sequential date of our lifetime. By the time the next century ushers in a new set of repetition, our footsteps will no longer mark this earth. Wow. That WAS a significant date.

    The next sequential date will be 01/02/03… 2103. That’s too long for me to wait.

    But never fear! If you are looking for the next significant date to hold your wedding, or other special event on, the Smithsonian has written a pretty interesting article detailing a few other “fun dates for math lovers”.

    Check out that article here