A new chair available for events

    Photo7 As mentioned in the last post, writing has been scarce this summer. Our teams have literally been running day and night to complete events, and every week has been chock full of things to do.

    One of the fun parts about each summer is that we usually bring in a few new items to add to inventory. This year, one of the best products we have so far are our new DarkWood Folding Chairs. Sometimes, old things can become new again, and in this case, it’s a wooden chair.

    Back in the old days (20+ years ago), white wooden folding chairs were all the rage. They were fast becoming the typical wedding ceremony chair, and due to their universal look and reasonable cost, soon became the basic all-purpose chair for most special events; the perfect choice between the cost-effective plastic samsonite and the classy chivari. Well, people soon realized that the white paint would chip away pretty quickly, and for the industry, it became difficult to keep these in great shape for any period of time.

    Enter the white resin chair! These chairs were an amazing upgrade to the old white wood chairs, with all the look and style of the chair itself, but constructed of a white resin plastic frame, which added seating strength and also the durability to be knocked around and pick up scratches, dents, and dings, and just be cleaned off with soap and water.


    Very recently, there has been a demand for other colors besides white. Black resin chairs are sometimes used, but few events prefer black over white. However, browns and ivorys are a very common event color, especially for weddings, and people began requesting a chair that was more naturally colored as opposed to just plain white.

    Resin is good for many things, but imitating wood is not one of them. Companies tried to simply tint the color of the chair, but that looked fake. They even tried to groove the resin to create the grain effect of natural wood. Looked fake. So finally, someone really smart thought, “Hey, what if we just use wood and use stain on it?” And there you had it.

    Now, you can get an amazing-looking darkwood stained wooden folding chair for your next event. These chairs were brought in just this past May, and are now beginning to make their way into proposals and events. We hope you love them!