Be Self Centered

    This week, our managers will learn how to be more self-centered. Huh? You may ask.

    But it’s true meaning may surprise you. By “self-centered” we don’t mean being narcissistic. Rather, self-centered means to look at yourself, specifically when you encounter an issue with a person or the team that you are managing. They say that a team reflects its leader, and because of this, a leader must be self-centered when dealing with issues. He or she must ask, “what am I doing wrong in this situation”, or “what can I do to resolve the issues”? “What weaknesses are my teammates picking up about me and emulating”, or “what can I learn in order to be better suited to fix this problem”?

    Often, our tendencies are to blame others, whether they be people or circumstances. But a good manager – a good leader – will be self-centered. He or she will look to themselves and identify where they are at fault. In this way, they will learn to control and manage any situation by working on the one aspect they have the most control over… themselves.