Beach Theft

    In the event world, sand is sometimes used for different things. Designers may use sandbags to weigh down fabric. Florists may use sand in a beach-themed centerpiece. Wedding Coordinators may use sand as a base filler to stick guest cards into. In our pinterest-happy world, DIY brides and grooms may see that, and think, “hey, I know where to get a ton of sand for free! I’m in Hawaii, after all! And there are miles and miles of world-class beaches just outside my vacation-rental.”

    Officially, taking sand from a public beach is considered stealing. There’s actually a term for it: “Beach Theft“. While you may be able to get away with scooping up a few bucketfuls of sand from a secluded beach, it will be wise to understand that it technically isn’t allowed.

    It IS interesting to me that each beach on Oahu has such different grains of sand. North Shore beaches are very pebbly, and if you look closely, you can see that each grain is like a tiny little rock with a different shape and form. South Shore beaches are very fine, almost like they are soggy in consistency. Kailua beaches are probably the finest grains, almost like sawdust. And West Shore beaches are rugged. And I’m not talking about the sand. Just kidding! (local joke, local joke) Seriously, they are less pebbly than the North Shore, and not as fine as the South Shore.

    So enjoy the beach! But if you need to get some sand for your next event, maybe spend a few bucks at Home Depot or Floradec…. and leave the ‘aina alone.