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Floating Lights

    For most people, a well-put-together event looks amazing. A smart combination of the right chairs, table layout, linens, lighting, dishware, and other event accents combine to give you something that looks beautiful. But if you asked an event professional for their personal and honest opinion, they would tell you that while it does look really

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    A new chair available for events

      As mentioned in the last post, writing has been scarce this summer. Our teams have literally been running day and night to complete events, and every week has been chock full of things to do. One of the fun parts about each summer is that we usually bring in a few new items to add

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      It’s been so long!

        Nearly a month has gone by without a post… I know, you were waiting with baited breath for our next foray into the wild world of events, right? It’s that time of year when many event companies get extremely busy, and we were no exception. With the convergence of graduations plus the beginning of the

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        Tax Time!

          It’s just around the corner… April 15th. To some, that day is more dreaded than Halloween or Friday the 13th combined. If you’re like thousands of people, you realize that you have just a few days left until the IRS (and many state agencies) are expecting you to submit your annual tax returns. And whether

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          Lucky We Live Hawaii

            That’s a phrase you hear from local people all the time. And it’s usually in response to a comment about the sun, surf, or sand. Just the other day, I wrote to an old friend from University. She used to love going to the beach (of course, the beach in Vancouver is NOTHING like the

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            Fool Me Twice…

              So as everyone probably knows by now, today is April 1st, aka April fools day. And even though we like to keep things professional here, there are a few days we let loose a bit. One of those days is Halloween, where we allow our staff to REASONABLY wear costumes. Nothing offensive or totally unprofessional,

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              POPS are amazing

                Some foods are just meant to go gourmet. Gourmet hamburgers? I l LOVE Eat Cafe’s surf n’ turf and Kua Aina’s pineapple burger. Gourmet plate lunches? I LOVE Poke Stop and Kakaako Kitchen. Gourmet shave ice? Cannot beat Uncle Clay’s HOPA. The latest basic food item to go “gourmet” is popsicles. No longer content with

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                Venues, Venues, Venues: Lanikuhonua Phase 1

                  This is actually a bit of a retro article, as we first wrote about Lanikuhonua years ago, when they were virtually unknown. I remember back then there was Paradise Cove, Lanikuhonua, Ihilani Hotel, and Lagoon 4 (a public park area). That’s it. No Aulani, no Ko Olina Beach Club, not even a second city, as

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                  Hot Like Fire!

                    Yesterday, we had an event in Waikiki at a hotel.  It was a cool, poolside event, where they closed the pool down a bit early, and had a private party.  Doing events at hotels are pretty great for two reasons, first, there is LOTS of staff to assist with things like setting up food stations

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                    Race through Space and Time

                      We’ve been really, really blessed to be able, on certain occasions, to give back to the community that supports us by doing some events at a very cheap cost, or even for free. This past weekend, we did TWO such events. One for Hanalani School in Mililani, and the other for Star of the Sea

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