Budget 201

    This is the second installment of the Budget articles from a few days ago. I guess budgeting is on my mind the past little while… it IS the end of the year, and I normally do a personal budget, along with a business budget. I also help a few other event professionals out with their budgeting as well. So it’s sort of around me all the time at this time of year.

    I found a pretty good article that describes 10 habits of debt-free people, and I have linked to it here.

    It may not be as fun as watching “The Interview” on YouTube, but it’s probably a much more profitable spending of your time in the long run. Whether you agree with the 10 habits or not, whether you are able to incorporate them into your own life or not, it’s certainly well worth looking into, and just seeing if it could be the key to fixing some debt in your life.

    Here, as a summary, are the 10 habits:

    1. They pay attention to the details
    2. They know their stuff
    3. They pretend they make less
    4. They think long-term
    5. They aren’t afraid to ask
    6. They save
    7. They set goals
    8. They say no
    9. They know the value of cash
    10. They value experiences over stuff

    While I don’t agree with all of them, I think the article makes some interesting points on each of the habits, and I can certainly see how following these habits can lead to living a debt-free life.

    Check it out!