CELEBrations, by David Tutera

    The first time I saw My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, I thought it was awesome. I mean, he’s funny, pretty blunt, and does a really really really good job with special events. And I enjoy seeing other people and how they are with brides and certainly can relate in some way or another to most of the action in every show.

    But now, David Tutera has a NEW show, called CELEBrations. I caught one episode last night, and it was totally entertaining! The basic premise of each show is that a celebrity hires David to put on a party for them. They meet, and talk about what the celeb likes and dislikes, and what they want the party to look like and be like and sound like, etc… but the twist is that David has full veto power to do WHATEVER he wants. No matter what the celeb says. Now, most of these celebrities have a HARD time giving up the decisionmaking power, because, well, they just want it their way. But some… ok most… ok all of the events and designs are really inspiring in the end, and I like the new twist of having to deal with celebrities. They just have higher expectations and demands, and it creates that extra drama that makes shows exciting!

    Check out their website here, and watch it on WEtv if you have a chance. Here’s David himself, talking about the new season, and a short clip of one of the episodes: