Dance Floor Toppers

     Dance Floor Topper with Custom stickers from client

    Dance Floor Topper with Custom stickers from client

    When evaluating new products to bring to the market in Hawaii, we often consider three questions.  First, we ask, does the product provide a viable benefit to the events industry?  Second, is the product easily obtained in a consistent manner.  Third, will lots of clients LOVE it?

    An item that recently passed all three questions with a resounding YES is our new dance floor topper.

    Dance floors are made for, well, dancing.  And that being said, at every event they are nicked, scuffed, and dinged with all sorts of shoes.  Heels, sneakers, hard soles, bare feet, all of these add wear-and-tear to a dance floor.  Additionally, many floors need to be installed outdoors, where grass, dirt, sand, and other elements further wear on the look of the floor.  It’s simply the nature of the product.  Dance Floor VIPBut for certain discriminating clients, it is absolutely imperative to have a sparkling clean dance floor.

    Dance floor toppers are a heavy duty vinyl, with a single-sided removable adhesive.  Toppers are installed in strips onto an existing dance floor, creating a flawless new surface for an event.  Because the adhesive is temporary, it is easily removed after the event, with no residue or damage to the surface it was stuck on.

    This product is perfect not only for dance floors, but also for runways, stages, and walls… anything with a solid surface that needs a treatment.  It’s an exciting product and would be a spectacular addition to any event.