Deal or No Deal?

    A wise man once said, “It’s not a good deal unless you get something good.” Ok, that wise man was actually on a TV commercial. But the concept still rings true. And in the special event world, that “something” should be good product, good service, or both.

    Hawaii is a party town. Maybe not in the same vein as a Cancun or Vegas, but thanks to the blessing of amazing weather practically year-round, special events happen constantly.

    Because of this, Hawaii is full of special event people. Caterers, florists, wedding planners. Photographers, DJ’s, cake designers. And, of course, rental companies.

    And here we get to the crux of the discussion. How can you decide if the deal you’re getting from your rental company is truly a deal? Of course, referrals by trusted individuals, a history of successful events, and great photographs speak volumes towards making you feel much more comfortable with your choice. But sometimes a rental company doesn’t provide you with that… just a paper proposal with a rock bottom price tag. Our advice? Watch out, because that great deal might turn out to be not-so-great after all. These are a few intangibles that might not show up on your next rental quote:

    1. The Cleaning Fee
    And you thought you were renting product that you could actually use. Some local companies will actually charge you for having to clean product that you rented for your event. For example, one company on Oahu will charge you extra for not returning their dishes (plates, forks, glasses) “clean”. Do you want to spend the next two hours after your luxurious dinner party scrubbing in the kitchen? I thought not.

    Have to clean the rental company’s products before you return them? Yikes. Should’ve gone with Accel.

    2. Product and Services
    When is a chair not a chair? When the sticker price comes with strings attached. Some companies can nickel and dime you for all sorts of “value-added services” that really don’t add much value. Want them to actually put the cushions on those chivari chairs? That’ll cost ya. Want them to actually deliver to the ballroom not the roadside? That’ll cost ya. Want delivery at 6am and pickup at midnight? That’ll cost ya.

    So that $3,000 wedding will actually cost an extra arm-and-leg because you didn’t want everything just dropped off at the curb? Bummer. Should’ve gone with Accel.

    3. Professionalism
    Characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession; Exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, or generally businesslike manner in the workplace. This is the Webster’s definition of a professional, and should be what you expect in a rental company. Some rental companies are stoic in their customer service…. others can be just plain rude. Often, this persona is a reflection of how much they value you, the customer. Basically, you should feel like that rental company will be there to take care of you throughout your event, start to finish, not just take your money and run.

    So your client added ten extra guests to the headcount on the day of the event but your rental company is telling you they don’t really want to make another delivery? Ugh. Should’ve gone with Accel.

    Of course, we are a bit biased in saying that we can provide you with the best bang for your buck. If you look around enough, you may find a “deal” elsewhere that you feel you just can’t pass up. But just remember, be savvy in your decisions. As another wise man (read: ad campaign) once said, “You get what you pay for.” And sometimes, that result is no laughing matter.