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Employment Opportunities With Accel Rentals Abound

Over its nine-year history, Accel’s workforce has grown in proportion to its sales, increasing by double and triple digits year over year.

Getting involved with Accel Rentals, however, is no walk in the park. Our desire to be the best fuels our drive to the top, and those who share that vision of success will thrive in the Accel environment. Among the key elements that Accel values:

Service First

The customer may not always be right, but they are always valued. Therefore, every employee is trained to provide optimal service to our clients. Whether this means smiling as you greet a caller, making an emergency delivery when the client realizes they’d forgotten to order martini glasses, or wiping each chair clean before it goes out on site, we give our clients a complete experience.

Investment in Our Craft

Accel prides itself on being the leader in the Hawaii industry, pioneering the use of products, policies, and procedures destined for success. From the introduction of “stellar lighting” to the practical implementation of “virtual inventory” to being the first to offer event site inspections as a service, Accel has proven to be a successful risk- taker, never afraid to lead the way.


Nobody exists in a bubble. Our entire operation, from management to sales, delivery to cleaning, is totally interrelated. Our team-based structure is based on success as a group. Although we all have different job duties, we are all equal in trying to achieve a common goal. And therefore, when duty calls, it is not uncommon to see an accountant answering sales calls, or a salesperson helping to load the truck, or an operations team member passing out business cards and pricelists. We multitask so that things get done, goals get accomplished, and everyone succeeds.

Positive Attitude

We approach every situation as a challenge that we can solve and overcome, even when others throw in the towel. Whether its a chef who needs a kitchen set up in the middle of a grassy field, a corporation who wants to stage a movie premier on a historical battleship, or a client who needs a tent in an hour, we try our best to help out. And we always see the glass as half full.

Interested? Come Join Our Team!

If you are someone who is looking for an opportunity to succeed; if you are someone who loves to be part of a winning team; if you are someone who wants to make a difference, Accel is for you. Fill out our application form and send it with a paper copy of your resume to:

Employment – Accel Party Rentals & Design
PO Box 17869, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Fax to 808-484-4458.

Or email us an electronic copy to: teamwork@accelrentals.com

Required Skills
  • Strong teamwork skills, capable of gaining the respect and loyalty of fellow employees.
  • A positive attitude with the determination to accomplish any task.
  • A knowledge of the special events industry which will assist clients and fellow employees in making sound, critical decisions.
  • A good work ethic, never afraid to jump into the fray and assist in any task.
  • A sense of problem-solving, always finding better ways to accomplish goals.
  • A high level of committment to our company, our industry, our clients, and our employees.
Technical Duties
  • Be on time for work.
  • Do not miss sheduled work shifts without written advance notice or supervisor approval.
  • Set up basic equipment (tents, dancefloor, stage, tiki torches).
  • Assist operations crew in delivery of equipment to off-site jobs.
  • Clean and pack heavy equipment in warehouse (tents, tables, chairs, dancefloor, tiki torches, coolers).
  • Wash and wrap light equipment (chinaware, glasses, linens).
  • Load trucks for deliveries and pickups.
Job Requirements
  • Treat fellow employees with respect.
  • Treat customers with utmost care, respect, and value; They are the reason we exist.
  • Be aware of – and adhere to – weekly work schedule.
  • Be subjected to an annual job evaluation.
  • Constantly represent Accel Rentals and all its employees in a positive light.
  • Protect sensitive information from extra-company sources.
  • Load trucks for deliveries and pickups.
Other Valued Qualifications
  • Driving Skills
  • On-Site Technical Skills
  • Warehouse Skills
  • Personal Skills

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