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Are you wondering how to most efficiently set a dining room for 200 people?  Want a quick rundown of basic bar glassware and what each is used for?  Interested in what types of tents are available?  Then this page is for you!

The Event Help section of our website helps you to see how Rentals apply to theory... as well as to the real world.

If there's a topic you're curious about, a secret way to fold napkins that will always impress guests, or anything else you'd like to see posted on this page, let us know!

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Extreme Makeover Tip #102:
Proper Table Spacing

Proper spacing between tables is critical for allowing guests to move freely in the dining area.  Instead of laying everything out and then adjusting for the next three hours, just make sure that the tables are at least two arms lengths apart.  Squat in between two tables, stretch your arms out, and the base of each of your palms should touch the edges of each table.

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A wise man once said, “It’s not a good deal unless y...

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Next to, the most important name to remember when your event is one week away. Use weather forecasts to make sound decisions regarding the natural elements.  Just remember, when in Hawaii, where liquid sunshine is a common occurance, take all predictions with a grain of salt.

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