Floating Stage

    One of the things I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do is build a stage over the water. Well, it doesn’t really rank up there with swimming with sharks, or skydiving, but still, for a work dream, it was a big one.

    We were afforded the opportunity to do just that a few months ago at a Halloween party in Kailua. This house, I have to say, was pretty dope (do people even say that anymore?!?). A sprawling from lawn, with a long winding driveway up to a monstrously large house (get it? Halloween? monstrous? nevermind…). Great architectural design on the home itself, a view to die for, and an indoor infinity pool.

    Being that the guest count was a tad bit large for the home, we had to make use of every nook and cranny. And therefore, the idea for a stage over the pool was born. Originally, we were going to use it to put the DJ on, and then run his wires along the edge of the pool to the power outlets. But he didn’t want to risk zapping his gear. So instead, we put the bar on the stage. Not as glamorous, but still, pretty cool, and pretty central to the event.

    Building it was an adventure. The pool was too wide to fit just one panel across, so we actually had to use four separate panels to span the distance, edge to edge. We set each edge of the stage on the edge of the pool, and used custom-built metal pipes to extend from the stage down to the floor of the pool. Being that the floor of the pool had a slight slope to it, we had to then shim each leg so that the stage would be even. We then clamped each panel to the panels next to it to create a 8′ x 16′ floor.

    Some of our crew had to get into the water to actually guide the panels into place, and then swim underwater beneath the panels to both clamp them into place, as well as shim each leg. Because the panels were built so tight to the water surface, there was no air pocket underneath the stage. We just had to take a big gulp of air and swim to the middle portions of the stage to secure it, working quickly enough so that when you began to run out of breath you could get out of there to the edge and open air.

    Only once, I got disoriented and instead of swimming out towards the edge, I swam across towards the wall, where there was no outlet. I kept feeling above me with my hands, and kept feeling stage, and more stage, and more stage. Panic set it slightly, until I bumped against the wall edge, realized that I was headed in the wrong direction, and then pushed quickly 90 degrees out, and broke the pool surface, gulping down fresh air.

    Fun times…

    Final touch was surfacing the stage in a thin white PVC sheeting to give it that smooth finish, and then we were done! It may not look super awesome in the photos, but in person, with the shimmering pool water, and the event items around it, it looked sick.


    Epilogue: Apparently only one guest didn’t realize the stage was on a pool, not a glass floor, and fell into the water. Oops.