Fool Me Twice…

    So as everyone probably knows by now, today is April 1st, aka April fools day. And even though we like to keep things professional here, there are a few days we let loose a bit. One of those days is Halloween, where we allow our staff to REASONABLY wear costumes. Nothing offensive or totally unprofessional, but if a crew member brings in fake vampire teeth or dyes her hair purple, or dresses like a power ranger, no problem. It’s Halloween. Another of those days to sort of expect some weirdness is today, April Fools Day.

    I didn’t notice too much in the way of jokes, but I did receive an email ad from tieks (a shoe company my wife is IN LOVE with), that I thought was funny AND cute:


    It was the third April Fools reference for me today. First thing this morning, at 6:30am, Wes (one of our crew members) says to me as I’m walking up to the office, “Hey, I noticed that one of the truck windows is cracked.” Being the control-freak that I sometimes am, I rush outside to see the damage, scenarios running through my brain as to how this could have happened, which truck it was, and if the security cameras were angled right to pick up what happened. As I get to the front doors, I hear him call out, “April Fools!”. D’oh! Of course. It’s THAT day.

    That being said, I was ready for the second one. A mass text goes out to all our management team. One of our drivers locked the keys in his work truck on his way to a job site, and needs a spare key. Way out in the boonies. Funny enough, I didn’t get the text right away, as I was in a meeting, so I get a call from our Operations Manager, worried because his phone is at 2% and asking if I can take over and help him get the driver out of this mess. It took all of 2 seconds for me to realize what was probably going on. So I said I’d take care of it. I text back to the driver with the following message: “Stop April Fooling. You’re a clown.” Silence. Then, a few minutes later, he writes back, “Hahaha how did you know?”

    I hope you had a fun, relatively enjoyable April Fools Day. I hope you were the butt of someone’s practical joke, and also maybe got a few in yourself. And if not, well, you’ve got 364 days to plan your revenge!