Goin’ back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali…

    Flying out to our annual conference/convention for a vacati… er… business trip. This year, five staff from Accel are attending The Special Event: So Cal Style. The past few years we’ve been at the Catersource show in Las Vegas, so it’ll be interesting to see the different style and substance of this year’s choice.

    Being so close to LA, California shows are often pretty elaborate and they pull out all the stops. This particular conference is known for being pretty over-the-top, and is designed for all sorts of Special Event industries (not just catering, but florist designers, rentals, photographers, and a host of other professionals).

    I’ll try to bring you up-to-date, well, updates as the week goes on. The show proper is Tuesday through Thursday, so just three days, but they’ll be chock full of education sessions, networking, and – of course – the nightly events that promise to thrill. Starting on Monday, I’ll preview a few of the highlights that I’m looking forward to, and then as the short week rolls on, we’ll see if those were truly the creme de la creme.

    Until then!