Hail to the Chief

    As you may or may not know, President Obama and his family spend their Christmas and New Years vacations in Hawaii each year. They rent a place out in Kailua, and just sort of do the tourist/kama’aina thing, just with a full entourage of secret service like he’s the most powerful man in America or something… you know? What’s up with that!?! *sarcasm*

    well, this year we didn’t really run into any snafus with police stopping traffic to let him by or anything with any of our deliveries (just luck I guess), but we did have one encounter with the President that was pretty cool.

    On a Monday morning, I’m checking out my facebook feed, and notice that a small national story was about this wedding couple who had to move their wedding location because President Obama was playing golf at the Klipper out on Kaneohe Marine Base. I knew exactly what they were talking about, as we often set up little ceremonies out there. Then I noticed the photo, and I’m like, “huh, that’s interesting, there’s a bamboo arch in their wedding photo (of course, the arch is NOT the focus of the image, it’s the wedding bridal party all acting shocked with a phone in the center of the picture because the President was calling them that very moment to apologize that he had to have them rearrange their plans and wishing them well on their new marriage).

    Turns out, that was OUR wedding arch, OUR client, and a couple of OUR guys who set that up! Pretty cool…

    In this industry, we often do get to have events where celebrities are present or involved. Private dinners and events for rock stars, large galas for movie celebrities, public events for royalty and famous religious leaders, etc. I guess this one stood out because it ended up making national news, including that photo.

    NBC News
    NY Daily News

    But normally, I’m not really one to get super starstruck… as someone once told me, “they put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else”.