Hot Like Fire!

    Yesterday, we had an event in Waikiki at a hotel.  It was a cool, poolside event, where they closed the pool down a bit early, and had a private party.  Doing events at hotels are pretty great for two reasons, first, there is LOTS of staff to assist with things like setting up food stations and moving around pool furniture, something you would not have access to at a private venue.  Second, because it’s already designed from a visual perspective, there is already great ambiance to build from, instead of trying to hide trash areas and doghouses.

    One of the key features of this particular event was a couple of lounge areas with a fire pit.  We hardly get requests for fire pits, and when we do, I often warn clients that while they look gorgeous in photos and the movies, they are not always easy to manage.

    Fire pits are often really pretty, with embellished or decorative edges or legs not just a rusted metal bowl with some charcoal inside.  But they do house fire, and if you’ve ever been camping (personally I try not to!), you know that you have to stoke the fire pretty regularly and tend to it in order to keep it from getting out of hand OR from burning too low and going out.  A fire pit also creates a ton of smoke, which is not always the best thing if you’re wearing a party dress.


    photo 2

    In order to create this fire in the pit, I used a really nice, fairly inexpensive fire pit.  You can often find them locally at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, or other hardware/superstores in your area.  It’s not that hard to find, you just need to find one to your liking (especially in the summer, they’re everywhere).  Once you have the fire pit assembled, you need to layer the bottom with your tinder.  There are multiple ways to do it, but I used these firestarter logs (they’re really like pressed squares of wood and oil).  You stack the wood loosely on top of that, in TWO layers (one horizontally, one vertical).  This allows for lots of oxygen flow to keep the fire strong.  Any more wood, and you’ll probably have a bonfire… too much.


    photo 1

    After that, a simple torch light (long-nose lighter) will do the trick.  Light the firestarters in a couple areas, and in just a few minutes, you should have a roaring fire.  And at night, it’s really quite gorgeous.