How to Dad

    Being a dad is one of the best parts of my life. I love it. Having three little kiddies of my own (who albeit do love mommy more than me) is a great reason to wake up, go to work, do the best job I can do, and come home to be with them. Sometimes, I have to prioritize these babies, as I call them, over work. So sorry to all who try to call me after hours during bath time to chat about linen choices, or during the one week of the year that I take a family vacation somewhere, or the couple of days here and there that we do a family staycation at a local hotel or something. I totally don’t mind the calls, but thanks for your understanding if I can’t get back to you just then. I’m sorry you have a tougher time reaching me, but I’m busy at my other job… being a dad. 🙂

    And I know mom’s are often the underappreciated job description, and RIGHTFULLY SO, but I found a video that – for once – appreciates dad’s. So there ya go dad’s. All the dad’s in the event world, who plan weddings, DJ events, run around booking big corporate gigs, work as waitstaff or bartenders or drivers or crew, here’s to you:

    In this commercial full of wit and humor, my favorite line is when Dad says, “something hot, coming through… the coffee and the wife.” So gotta use that line at home somehow for a few bonus brownie points.