I LOVE Relaunches!

    I love relaunches.  It gives you all the novelty of something brand new, but with all the assurance of something established.  Today, we are relaunching our website.  It wasn’t like our old website was awful… I mean, it was really easy to navigate, loaded quickly, gave you great information, actually had prices listed (lookin’ at you, some-of-our-competitors!), and had a good smattering of photographs.  Plus I made it myself, so how can I bash my own baby, right?

    But unfortunately, the old just HAD to go.  Luckily, I tapped an old university friend of mine who is a graphic designer in Vancouver, BC.  Side note: in America, “college” means any school you go to after high-school and “university” means you’re stuck up.  In Canada, “university” means an institution of higher learning, and “college” means a trade school or community college… or you’re American.  She took all our nice functionality and added her expertise in design to dial up a great looking, snazzy website that I think really makes us look sharp!

    I hope you enjoy browsing around.  Here are a few things I really like about our new site.  Maybe you will too!

    1. The Blog

    Well, you’re reading from it right now, aren’t you?  When we first tossed this idea of a blog around, it scared me for two reasons.  First, that’s a lot of writing, and I’m sure some days I’d end up writing about ketchup bottles or what I did last summer if I had to write something every single day.  So, to help save both of us from that fate, we plan to have guest bloggers from all corners of the industry (and hopefully from around the globe too!) writing guest articles about a variety of event-related topics.  I’m personally looking forward to seeing what rattles around in their head, and I hope you are too!

    1. Our Products List

    Believe it or not, we were the first party rental company in Hawaii to actually put our pricing on the web.  Many places before that were scared that if they put their pricing out there, competitors would be able to simply beat their prices and steal their clients.  Well, we believed that there were components that mattered more to our clients than price… and we were right.  Our products list is designed to let you get an idea of the product, but by no means to make you do all the work in putting together your final list.  It just gets you more familiar with the items on your own time, without the pressure of another body breathing on other side of the phone, so when you call us to fine-tune your order or just ask questions, you’re comfortable.

    Well, welcome to our blog! We hope you check in daily, just to see what’s new.