Lucky We Live Hawaii

    That’s a phrase you hear from local people all the time. And it’s usually in response to a comment about the sun, surf, or sand. Just the other day, I wrote to an old friend from University. She used to love going to the beach (of course, the beach in Vancouver is NOTHING like the beach in Hawaii, but at least it’s something). She’s still back in rainy old Van city, just making her way through each day. Maybe she misses the sun. Maybe she longs to splash in the refreshing Pacific Ocean from this other side of the pond. Maybe she’ll end up coming here to get married one day (like two of my Vancouver friends have already done, and a third will come this August). And then she, like many of our former clients, will get to experience the wonderful weather and beauty that we locals far too often take for granted.

    Here’s a few examples of why it’s so lucky we live Hawaii. And Mel, if you’re out there, here’s a few photos just for you. Maybe they’ll compel you to book a vacation soon:

    This photo was taken from the beachfront edge of the Bayer Estate, which is also the property used for Hawaii 5-0 (as Steve McGarrett’s home)

    If this beach looks a bit familiar, it’s where scenes from Lost were filmed.

    I like this photo because not only are turtles very wonderful and amazing creatures, because of the tradewinds on the surface of the water, it almost looks like an oil painting.

    An early Sunrise from the corner of Ala Moana Beach Park’s Magic Island, with the iconic Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head crater in the background.

    The last rays of a sunset on the North Shore. The perfect end to a perfect day.