Patience Pays!

    We rent a ton of linens. We purchase probably an average of $10,000 of NEW linens every month, and have 1-3 shipments via UPS every week. And that doesn’t even count what we just normally have in stock.

    And normally, we have absolutely no issues with UPS. They do their thing, and get it to us when they promise. But this past weekend, we had ordered some specialty silver krinkle 120″ round tablecloths. Which look fabulous, by the way, in case you’re looking for an amazing looking linen. But in any case, I got two boxes to my venue site the day before the event. No big deal, I think, they probably just misplaced them, and I’ll have to grab them tomorrow.

    Tomorrow comes. It’s Friday. UPS is closed Saturday. So I get there a good hour before closing time at 6pm, dutifully wait my turn in queue, and then give the desk clerk my tracking number. No luck. Boxes are “somewhere”. Great. I’ve got a client expecting 30 gorgeous linens, and will have to figure out a plan B. I ask, plead, beg the clerk to check the back. Check the computer. Check anywhere, but please FIND THOSE LINENS! No luck. After 20 minutes, I start formulating plans in my head. Anyone else on island have these? Are there other linens we have in stock that are comparable? What kind of budget do I have to source these? Will UPS cover some of these costs? I’m just going to leave them my contact information, in case they turn up. I don’t mind if it’s midnight. I. Will. Come. Get. Them.

    Then, miracle upon miracles. The other desk clerk happens to remember that she put them on the side for us, because it was an on-the-fly will-call order. Hallelujah!! There they are. A little Christmas miracle.

    So a big shout out to UPS. Thanks for going above and beyond to take the time to find the linens. Patience does indeed pay off.