Patisserie La Palme D’or

    Today was a pretty busy day. Besides the last few Christmas events we have, it was also the day we picked up some beautiful pasteries and a small cake for some of our top clients, just as a little thank-you gift. These items came from a tiny little shop on the back side of Ala Moana mall (just Ewa of Shirokiya on the mall level, but in the BACK by the parking lot.

    Like a hidden gem, this place contains some amazing looking baked goods. I haven’t had a chance to actually taste the goods myself, but if you’re looking for some gorgeous desserts, I strongly recommend this place.

    It was an extremely busy day at Ala Moana, but the staff at Patisserie were totally eager to assist us. We picked up 14 cakes and 14 boxes of little mini assorted desserts, and they had each one packaged really nicely and were even willing to help us bring it to our parked vehicles.

    These might be perfect for dessert at an office party, for wedding favors for your guests, or even for a cake for a special occassion. Everything in the showcase looked intricate and delicious. I can’t wait until after Christmas when I can get a few desserts for myself!

    Check them out on Yelp, or on their website.