POPS are amazing


    Some foods are just meant to go gourmet. Gourmet hamburgers? I l LOVE Eat Cafe’s surf n’ turf and Kua Aina’s pineapple burger. Gourmet plate lunches? I LOVE Poke Stop and Kakaako Kitchen. Gourmet shave ice? Cannot beat Uncle Clay’s HOPA.

    The latest basic food item to go “gourmet” is popsicles. No longer content with those chocolate or orange sherbert pops from Meadow Gold, foodies can now get their freeze on with gourmet popsicles from Ono Pops.

    With flavors ranging from Starfruit Lemongrass to Ume Thai Basil, Salted Watermelon Cream to Kula Strawberry Maui Goat Cheese, it’s like eating an organic dessert on a stick.

    Often found at local farmers markets, street festivals, and now on store shelves at WholeFoods and Safeway, you can also either stop by their office in the HawaiiNewsNow building, or book them for your next special event!

    They have a cart that will travel, and will set up as a food/dessert/snack station at your event. Perfect for a Summertime-cocktail hour action station after a wedding ceremony, or in lieu of a more traditional dessert, these pops come in such a wide range of tantalizing flavors that you can’t help but find one you can’t get by without.

    Matter of fact, I just bought 53 of their green pickled mango with li hing mui last week so my wife can eat them at home. I think we’re down to 30-something left… no joke.

    Check them out! It may be your next favorite snack too.