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12 Inch Japanese Lanterns


Size:  12" Diameter Sphere
1 oz
Capacity:  one light fixture
Price:  $10.00
Setup Included in Price: 
yes, unless installed outside of our tents

Comes With: 
(1) 12" Japanese Lantern, (1) Metal Frame Insert, (1) Light Fixture with 60 watt bulb, plus plug-in wire.

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 - Paper or Nylon Wrapping with a Bamboo or
   Metal ribbing on the Lantern itself
 - Wire Metal Frame designed to hold the ball
   open and taut
 - Plug-in wire used to string lanters on provided
   by Accel

Best Uses:
 - In smaller tents to provide lighting
 - In an open air area, strung between trees

Event Tip:  Use our bamboo poles to create a perimeter around your next open-air dining area, then string 12" lanterns around, creating a striking, uniquely Asian design element to the event.

12 White Japanese Lantern

** individual item photos represent actual Accel product, but may differ slightly from the exact item provided for your particular event.