The Rental Show

    One convention I went to long ago, but we don’t really attend anymore is The Rental Show. Yes, it’s technically our industry’s actual show (as opposed to shows like Catersource or The Special Event, which are geared to all industries in Special Events), but the one time I went, I seriously felt like it was too one-dimensional and that I could probably be teaching those classes (I don’t really think I could, but I guess I just felt there wasn’t anything cutting-edge… like they were speaking to rookies). And this was probably 10+ years ago!

    Anyway, after that stirring introduction, I’d like to announce that the 2015 Rental Show IS coming up on February 22-25 in New Orleans, in case anyone out there is interested. I’m sure there will be a few interesting topics, and a cool event or two… or one… but the real interesting highlight before the show even begins is who is doing their keynote speech: Denver Broncos Quarterback, Louisiana native, and future Hall-of-Fame Quarterback, Peyton Manning. Now THAT was a pretty unexpectedly cool headline when I first saw it! I mean, I don’t really know what Peyton has to do with rental, but at least it’s a pretty interesting, big name speaker.

    So if you’re interested in attending a Rental seminar or two, or just checking out a superbowl ring, get to New Orleans this February.