THE Special Event, Day 1: Secrets….

    What a first day! There were some fun sessions and then …. eh, let’s just say there were hours of my life I will never be able to get back. But such is the world of The Special Event.

    One of my favorite type of sessions are the panel style ones, where there are multiple panelists speaking candidly on a topic or variety of topics. One of the sessions I was looking forward to, as you saw yesterday, was the Confessions of an Event/Wedding Planner Starring an All-Male Cast of Expert Event Planners. As expected, it was a hilarious and insightful session filled with war stories of these guys’ experiences in events. One of the great parts was the guys telling a “confession”. Here’s the slide:


    Some of the war stories:

    – K.D. confessed that he prefers to operate under improvisation, with little planning, and deviate from the plan.
    – Mr. D confessed that at his first event, he essentially bs-ed his way through the logistical components of the rental plan… for Disney’s Pocahontas!
    – Rich confessed that he used to do renderings for a competitor, and drew in some hidden F-U’s into the bushes or building shadings, just to stick it to em!
    – Jon confessed that at one wedding, the bride confessed to HIM that she wished she met him instead of her fiance’ 10 months prior!

    Another session that was great was Splurge, Purge, and Feed the Urge – Tips to Control the Experience and the Expense. It was a packed house, and well worth the time! 20150106_100315

    Couple of highlights from this session included a lesson on splurging on BIG eye catchers (the WOW factor) to make a big first impression the guests. 20150106_094625

    Another tip was that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to create BIG eye-catching first impressions… sometimes all you need to do is use cheap everyday items in out-of-the-box ways to make that splash. Red solo cups anyone? 20150106_100427

    Day 2 promises more interesting and exciting stuff! Stay tuned!