THE Special Event, Day 2: Showtime

    End of the day here in Anaheim. Day 2 is in the books, with the final day coming up tomorrow. After that, it’s a few days of vacation (Disneyland here we come!), and then back to the islands to start real life again. In some ways, it’s great to be on vacation… but I find myself really longing to get back into the mix and start producing events again! Guess that’s why I love this job!

    Well, the show floor opened up this morning. This is where many vendors (some of which we use during the year) show off their wares, and either meet current customers face-to-face, or woo new customers who may not have heard of them before. We got to visit with some of the people we use on a regular basis (A-1 Tablecloth, Aztec Tents, Midas Event Supply, Drape Kings, etc), but also see some new cool stuff. One of my favorite vendors was Atom, the World’s Fastest Painter. Check out his website by clicking the link on his name. He is an awesome entertainer and paints pretty cool, sci-fi type paintings using spray paint in mere minutes! Here’s a picture that I won!!


    I’ve never seen Atom in Hawaii, but it almost makes me want to produce my own event and have him come here to do a show. He’s just so entertaining! You’ve got to see him to appreciate it.

    Watching him in action totally reminds me of Times Square on my honeymoon. There was a performer on the street corner at like 12:30am, sidewalks still packed with people like it was dinnertime, and he did similar work. Just the vibe and style of these guys is electric, and the way they bang out these amazing pictures with unconventional tools (like old credit cards for scrapers, bits of cardboard and rolled paper to aim and control their paint spray, and of course your standard Home Depot selection of colored spray paint. I’m not a fan of graffiti, but man, these paintings are unreal! I have to pull those old New York ones out of storage somewhere and frame them along with this one. They are just too cool.

    Other than that, there were a few education sessions, but nothing as enjoyable as yesterday’s sessions. Tomorrow wraps up the show, and then I’ll spend a few days in the Park (Disney) with family. Maybe take a pic or two for ya.

    Until then.