“Tonight, I’m not homeless”

    Not sure how things are where you’re from, but here in Hawaii, we are in the full swing of the holiday season. And to kick things off we just had Thanksgiving last week. Just like everyone else. Except Canadians, who for some reason have it a month early.

    Did I ever tell you that way back in the day, my parents called security on me because of Thanksgiving? It was my first year in University, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and friends of mine asked me to come home with them for Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend (their Thanksgiving, by the way, is on Monday. Interesting). Anyhow, I said yes, and figured that I’d just pop away for a weekend, and nobody would really care. WRONG! Parents couldn’t get in touch with me at the dorm, and I didn’t have a cell phone yet (remember, this was before iphones, and I was technically in a foreign country, so cell phone options weren’t great, so my cell didn’t accept “international” calls). So, this led to that, and when I got back after a few days, my roommate was like, “Hey you better call your parents, they called campus security down here to check on you and make sure you were still alive. They hadn’t been able to get in touch with you!”. Oops. My bad.

    So what is Thanksgiving in Hawaii like? Just imagine a Thomas Kinkaid painting, but instead of snow there’s sand. Instead of a cozy house with a warm fire in the hearth there’s a beach house with the A/C running full blast. Instead of a hot turkey dinner with stuffing and mashed potatoes there’s kalua pig with cabbage, poi, and rice. And more rice. And spam. But other than that, we celebrate Thanksgiving just like everyone else.

    Well, maybe not exactly like EVERYONE else. In New York, a church spearheaded a unique dinner that I read about and really thought was an amazing concept. I really hope this catches on in other areas, and maybe even gets to be done here in Hawaii.

    I won’t spoil it too much, but check out the link here:

    NY Dinner Puts Wealthy and Homeless at Same Tables