Top 10 Qualities that make a Great Leader

    Recently, we had a manager’s meeting that included a lengthy discussion on what sort of qualities make up a great leader. We all know of great leaders. Perhaps they are local heroes who inspire us to do good for our community or our neighborhood. Perhaps they are national heroes, who have amazing stories of coming from nothing to becoming great… they lived the American Dream. Perhaps they are world heroes, who stood tall in the face of conflict or challenges, and made their mark upon the world they lived in, and upon history itself. But what makes these leaders great? And can we develop qualities that may help us to become great leaders too?

    The article that we used was found on, originally written by Tanya Prive. It was called, simply, Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader.

    What I’d like to do over the next ten posts is write a bit about each one, starting with a copy of the article that speaks to that point, highlighting what I consider to be the key phrase or phrases, and then illustrating the point with a personal story from my own life. I hope you can see through it all that being a great leader isn’t some far-off dream that you or I can never hope to achieve. Rather it is a careful crafting of one’s normal, day-to-day lifestyle, building habits that will inspire those around you.

    Until Tomorrow, here are the 10 qualities that every great leader should possess:

    1. Honesty
    2. Ability to Delegate
    3. Communication
    4. Sense of Humor
    5. Confidence
    6. Commitment
    7. Positive Attitude
    8. Creativity
    9. Intuition
    10. Ability to Inspire