One of my favorite pastimes is scroll through Facebook (usually late at night or when I’m waiting for the light to turn green… shh!), and see what friends are posting.  Usually a few minutes in, I’m speed-scrolling through all the family photos and selfies, just browsing for the more entertaining tidbits.

    On one of these excursions, I happened across a friend’s post of a great commercial.  And I thought, “As Special Event professionals, we go from smartphone to desktop computer to laptop to ipad almost nonstop throughout the day. We are so plugged in that often we miss the simple moments of human interaction.” This commercial reminds us that maybe we ought to sacrifice a solid chunk of time, enough that it hurts to be away from your iphone for so long, and spend time with someone.  Get to know them better, and just give them your full attention.  Show them you care.