Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go

    Just this past weekend, I worked a LOT. Thursday night, was at work all day from like 7am til almost 1am. Just so happened to have a lot of events that day, including an amazing Holiday event at a private residence on Diamond Head Road. Overlooking a breathtaking part of the Pacific Ocean, with a perfect section of reef just offshore, I could just IMAGINE the fishing out there (matter of fact, there were fishermen the ENTIRE time we were setting up, fishing from the edge of the reef, or spearfishing in the channels between the reef)

    Anyhow, I didn’t get home until late Thursday night. Like 2am. Then I had to be up at 5am to get back to it, and more holiday related events on Friday. Tis the season! Didn’t get to bed that night until just after midnight, and then… must have forgotten to set the alarm.

    My astute wife shook me awake the next morning (Saturday, another busy day), at 7:16am, just to see if I needed to get in. And while I was up a bit later than I hoped, I still got in before too much of the day had slipped away, and was still able to stay on track with my events.

    I’m normally pretty good at waking up early and being totally, totally ready for the day. And what they say is true, the early bird does (often) catch the worm. I’m amazed when I read on the lives of successful businesspeople, and many of them are up at 4am, 5am, 6am, getting a head start to the day. If waking up early is not your strong suit, perhaps these tips will help you out.

    1. Prep to go
    Lay out your clothes for the next day. Check your gas to make sure you have a decently full tank. Put your keys, wallet, phone, jewelry, and other personal items next to your clothes and totally ready to go.

    2. Set your alarm
    If you haven’t used your alarm before… or in a while… test it out with a time that evening. If it’s 10:30pm, set it for 10:31pm and see what happens. Does it work? Is the alarm not annoying enough? Do you think you’ll sleep right through it? Get it so that you think you’ll actually wake up. Then set it for real. Make sure you’re in the right timeframe (6am is QUITE different from 6PM).

    3. Trick yourself
    Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. So in order to defeat your own tendencies, you have to trick yourself. Personally, I have a tendency to hit the snooze button. Twice. Or more. So if I have to be up at a specific time, I will often place my phone far enough away from the bed that I have to actually step out of bed in order to hit the snooze. This usually wakes me up enough that I remember that I have to actually be up at that time. Or, I will set my alarm for 30 minutes earlier than I have to actually be up. Then I get three “hits” before I actually have to get up. The repetitive nature of this gives me enough time to gradually get up, so that by the time I actually have to get going, I’m pretty much fully awake.

    4. Have a back-up plan
    What if the power goes out? Plan ahead, and set your phone alarm as well as the regular clock alarm. What if you’re extra tired that night? Maybe ask someone else in your house to plan to wake you just in case they see you still dozing. Everyone makes mistakes and oversleeps, so if it’s really that important to you to get up on time, it pays to have a sure-fire plan B.