What a crime!!!

    Generators are the most common item stolen from rental companies. Handheld generators (2k, 3k sizes) are the most commonly pilfered ones, just because they’re so easy to grab and go. Trailer generators have been known to disappear as well, with some Hawaii companies claiming that they lose one per year. At $1,200 each or more, that’s a pretty expensive hit for any business to take.

    We’ve lost probably 12-15 generators over the past 5 years. All EU2000i models, from Honda. Those are the most commonly available whisper generator, proving quiet, dependable power on a long-lasting engine… well, long lasting assuming they don’t get stolen that is. We’ve had them stolen when clients turned their backs for a few minutes and they disappeared from public parks. We’ve had them disappear from venues while they were still powering up lights, and then all of a sudden the lights went dark and the generator was just gone. We’ve had them disappear from our boxtrucks when they’re parked overnight… all kinds of crazy stuff.

    Well, unfortunately, someone else in the event industry has felt the pinch of theft, but in a manner that I have never heard of before, and sounds so crazy you’d think it was straight from a movie! Apparently, she was at a red light after closing up her booth at a farmers market, and two generators were on a trailer hitched to the back of her truck. Two males hopped out of a pickup truck a few cars back, approached her vehicle, and apparently used a knife to cut the strap holding the trailer to her vehicle. They grabbed the generators, threw them into the black pickup truck, and drove off. Auwe!! Hope someone catches these fools!!

    Here’s the HawaiiNewsNow formal report.

    And here’s her facebook post, which has the license plate of the truck. Of course, you gotta log into your own facebook to see it.

    Good luck Nicole! Hope your week gets better!