What is SoakSoak??

    Early on Monday morning, we got alerted to the fact that our website had been compromised by a malware attack that seems to have originated out of Russia.

    Apparently, over 11,000 websites (specifically those that run WordPress) have been affected and Google took steps to “blacklist” them. Our website was among those blacklisted. You may have seen a red screen that popped up over the past two days that said something like you were entering a site that was potentially dangerous.

    The good news is that it seems like there wasn’t any significant problems with this particular attack, and a firm that protects website servers named Sucuri seems to have identified the issue and come up with a remedy.

    So if any of you out there are small business owners who may or may not realize that your website has been compromised, it’s probably smart to check it! And all we did was call Sucuri, sign up for one of their protection plans, and they take it from there. They clean it out, re-do the affected parts of our site, submit their fixes to Google, and get us off the blacklist.

    Check out an article here if you’re feeling like exercising that brain of yours (it’s a little bit tech geek speak):