World of Color

    In January, I was able to take my family to Disneyland for a few days. For any families with children, it’s a great little vacation spot. The prices can be fairly reasonable, and there are options for almost ANY budget. Flights, hotel, park tickets, food, and entertainment costs, etc can all be had for as little as $1,200 a person for a week or so. Plus children under 3 are free.

    Anyway, one of the attractions we look forward to each year is Disney’s World of Color. It’s a 20 minute show played in the California Adventures park nightly. It’s an amazing display of water, visual effects, and even a bit of fire. And now they’ve added a cool extra feature called Glow with the Show. They pass out Mickey Mouse ears that must have a similar or the same technology as those xylobands I wrote about last month. But this is with that extra Disney flair! I have yet to see the show in person with this extra feature, but I did watch a youtube video and can imagine how amazing it is. The show below is about 20 minutes long. If you ever have the chance to see this show in person (the show is currently under renovation leading up to their grand 60th anniversary celebration this summer) I strongly encourage you to do so. It truly is something to see.

    As I spoke about it the xylobands article, it would be cool to see that technology applied to other types of events, and this is one of them.

    My favorite part of the show always is where they play a song from Disney’s Enchanted, for a purely personal reason. It is the song we chose for my Grandmother’s memorial video when she passed away 2 years ago. Hearing that song always reminds me of her, and helps me to miss her all over again.